Beach Kids: Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts aren’t a new thing, but for kids roughly around the 3-7 age range they go down a storm. The best bit is they are free, it gets them out into the open air, if you take them to the right place they will get lots of exercise and if you talk to them about everything they find they’ll learn a lot too. I put one together for my kids to do at the beach so I thought I’d share it as they loved it so much (hopefully it wasn’t the prize of an ice cream at the end of it that kept them so motivated!)

Beach Scavenger Hunts; Give each scavenger a beach bucket to collect the following:

1. Some small, smooth and flat pebbles for skimming. Later you can show them how to skim;

2. A flint and/or chalk stone. If they are found at the beach you’re visiting tell them how they are used;

3. Animal tracks in the sand. Ask them to tell you what animal made them. If you have paper and a pencil you can make a copy and put it in their bucket;

4. A few different types of seaweed;

5. Some different shells;

6. A feather;

7. A small piece of drift wood;

8. Some pirate treasure. Discreetly drop some small change for them to find. They can use this later to buy their ice creams;

9. Something plastic or man made. Tell them why it doesn’t belong on the beach;

10. Something that has travelled a long way to be found on the beach that doesn’t include any of the above.


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