Beach Kids: Skimming Pebbles

This post links to my Scavenger Hunt article and is about skimming (or skipping) pebbles. I thought I’d include it as I’m assuming not everyone knows how to skim pebbles (am I right?) It’s also a bit of a tricky skill, with a few key things to avoid to help turn you into a successful skimmer.

1. Carefully pick your stones. They shouldn’t be too thin, lumpy or heavy. Try one no heavier than a small apple, but flat and smooth.

2. If skimming in the sea wait until you have flat(ish) water before you throw your stone.

3. Bend your knees and tilt towards the hand that’s about to throw the stone.

4. Throw the stone so the largest flattest part hits the water so it can bounce on the surface.

5. More power means more bounces. The World Record set in 2007 was 51 bounces. Give it a go!!


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