Top 10 Reasons Why I Like To Blog

With the approach of Christmas and New Year, I decided to think about the top 10 reasons why I like to blog. It’s an exercise to help me decide if I should continue to do it in 2011, or if I should use the time to do other things instead . So here goes…

1. It helps my family (who are scattered all over the world) keep in touch;

2. It’s good to be connected (I learn a lot from the blog community);

3. It helps others escape to the beach even though they might be land-locked;

4. It helps others understand the issues of rural beach life;

5. It helps me recognise and be grateful for the good things in my life;

6. It helps me deal with the bad things in my life;

7. It keeps me writing and sharing;

8. It’s free;

9. It helps me be constructive, when it would otherwise be easy to stay wrapped up in the chaos of daily life;

10. It helps me think more about the place where I live and what our family should be doing to keep life simple, put less stress on our environment and help keep it safe for our children’s future.

Now I have the list in front of me I’m actually surprised at how much I get out of blogging. So as long as life lets me have time to do it, looks like my New Year resolution should be to keep blogging. Hope you can join me in 2011 x


About Sarah

I am a coach, mentor, trainer, trend hunter, inspiration finder and creator, searching the cool camping, glamping, health and wellness markets for the best information and ideas, so you don't have to. Find out more at
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