Exciting Beach Potato News!

I’ve been off line for a while… sorry all… but now I’ve returned, I’ve dusted off the Mac, flexed my typing fingers and have put home life on hold for a while, as I have a lot of exciting news to share with you. So thanks for visiting / popping back.

I have been totally thrilled by the positive feedback I’ve received for Beach Potato my free ebook, which as I write is in the top 20 of the iBooks charts… yay! I can’t thank you enough both for getting it where it is and for connecting with me in some way to tell me what you thought of it. So as a small way of saying thanks, I thought I’d share some exciting news with you about what I’m going to be featuring about Beach Potato on this site soon.

Firstly, over the coming weeks I’m going to share a few secrets with you. Keep it quiet but ‘Titterstone’ really does exist. Also, I have actually been around ‘anticipation corner’ and there is a beach near there where the cliffs, surf and sand come together making it a dream destination for someone hoping to explore the same ‘North Shore’ as Jess. I also have actually seen the house Jess lives in. ‘Tumbledown’ is real… although it’s not actually called Tumbledown and unfortunately the Muckabees don’t live in it, so it’s kind of real… well in my head anyway! So what I’m going to do is share a bit of the background to the book and where I’ve got my inspiration from to create some of the key places and characters.

But that’s not all. I’m also going to give a couple of lucky readers the chance to feature in a short story to be published involving Jess and the gang. Do you or someone you know want to be a character in a Titterstone adventure? More news on this and how to enter in a future post. So keep watching this space!

Beach Potato will also be going into print in the next few months. So if you know someone who would like a paperback copy then I’ll be posting more information about that soon too.

And finally… have you ever wanted to publish your own work? Do you have a book inside you, or your computer, just desperate to get out? Well you may not have noticed but we are moving into a publishing revolution (in my humble opinion), so now might just be the right time for you to do what I have. In a number of posts over the coming months I will talk about my experiences with self-publishing entering the world of iBooks, Kindle, Stanza, etc, and will share with you the secrets of getting there with as little hassle as possible. I’ll even help you avoid the mistakes I made. Now that can’t be bad! So pay attention all you budding authors out there as you might just find this bit very interesting.

Added to that, and with time on my side, I will also be blogging about the usual beach babble and what the beach crew are talking about now they’re finally coming out of winter hibernation.

And finally, I’d really like to hear from you. I find your comments incredibly useful and motivational, so please keep connecting. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.


About Sarah

I am a coach, mentor, trainer, trend hunter, inspiration finder and creator, searching the cool camping, glamping, health and wellness markets for the best information and ideas, so you don't have to. Find out more at https://about.me/sarah.riley
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1 Response to Exciting Beach Potato News!

  1. Roberta says:

    I would loooove a hard copy of your book. Definitely keep us updated on that one. By the way, my daughter would love to be in the short story. Can’t wait to hear more.

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