Laird (a.k.a Lord) Hamilton Gives Me Wings!

I wanted to share a bit of babble with all the beach lovers out there who may be feeling like winter is finally coming to an end (on this side of the world anyway!), and as spring is on the way it might just about be time to think about doing something to shake off the cobwebs and kick start the countdown to summer. You could say the time has come to start thinking about getting ‘beach fit’.

I’ve not escaped this feeling. In fact I would go so far to say that I’ve been totally pre-occupied by it. In recent years as I’ve become a mother of 2, have written a book, Beach Potato, and have therefore left my surfboard in the garage unused since last autumn, (ok, the ice and snow didn’t really help there either!), I find that the following equation has happened.

2 children + 1 husband + Beach Potato = 0 time

0 time + 0 exercise = lardy arse and love handles.

So good fortune was smiling on me one day when my better half showed an interest in Laird (or Lord as I like to call him) Hamilton’s book ‘Force of Nature’. I therefore bought it for him for Christmas and then promptly monopolised it while I read it cover to cover. I came away from the experience feeling envious about his life (in a good way) and therefore wanting to better my own. Lord Hamilton is one lucky guy!

Now, before I go on any further I want to say that I don’t endorse Laird’s products or services. However, if I do find something that I really like or really works for me then I pass the information on in the hope it might also help others. So in simple terms, I’m not being paid any money to say the following.

I really liked the book and came away with a number of really good tips, which I thought might work for me, and I was right. For a start there’s a section about ‘dealing with fear and negativity’. Well I can assure you, if you don’t already know, that putting yourself out there and trying to sell what you do (in my case Beach Potato), results in plenty of fear and negativity. He also talks about how to deal with ‘life lessons’, and having had a near death experience in 2009 I can also relate to a lot of that too. However, the section I really found useful was on the body and training. Lord Hamilton is an impressive surf athlete so he puts a lot of time into this kind of thing so I was prepared to listen. There’s one particular section I was interested in about food supplements he calls “In Praise Of The Weird”. Here’s what he says:

“ACAI Native to the Brazilian Amazon, the purple acai (pronounced “ah-sigh-EE” palm fruit has 30 times the amount of antioxidants of red wine and also contains a large dose of essential fatty acids. In other words, these berries, which taste nutty with hints of chocolate, are nature’s own vitamin pills.”

Now, talking of endorsements, although I don’t I’m aware that Lord Hamilton does. If you were in his shoes wouldn’t you? But in this case he was only mentioning a berry and there are many brands on the market selling them. There are also a few fake products. Probably because he compared them to my favourite drink I splashed out and bought myself some from a trusted supplier, and so far I’ve experienced the following:

  1. I feel full of energy;
  2. I’m feeling much more positive;
  3. My cravings for ‘naughty foods’ have stopped;
  4. My appetite has reduced; and
  5. I haven’t had so many illnesses (such as colds) this winter.

I have been quite good about sticking to my plan of increased exercise and improved diet, but I feel Acai gave me the help I needed to succeed when I could have easily failed. You’ve probably heard of it many times before (I’m always a bit slow at picking these things up) but it was a first for me.

The result of this new plan of action for me is a loss of 9 lbs in weight (the lardy arse and love handles are reducing… yay!) and Roy now refers to them as my ‘happy pills’. So I find myself wanting to share this information with as many people as possible, so that they may also reap the rewards, but so far there have been mixed results. Some are like mine and others aren’t so positive. However, in my case I’m so happy about the results I really feel like Lord Hamilton has given me wings and helped me feel as though I might be able to become beach fit once more.

I’d be really interested to hear if you have already tried these berries and if so, how you got on.


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