Now The Garden Is Waking Up… So Should I!

Well I haven’t exactly been asleep… just offline a bit because I’ve been really busy. My life is a constant stream of family, work, creativity, writing, socialising, gardening and getting on the beach as much as time allows. The really exciting thing for me at the moment is watching the garden come to life after it’s winter hibernation, and seeing it move whole heartedly into Spring. So I need to follow it’s example and wake up and start making plans about the coming summer to make the most of the months to come.

It’s a really exciting time for me and I relish making plans about everything. From what I’m going to plant and do in the garden to help us with the rising food prices and radiation fallout from Japan, to how I’m going to kit out our old faithful Mercedes campervan to make our regular trips away and time down the beach that little bit more pleasurable. So my usual writing and blogging have taken a bit of a back seat recently, but I’m very pleased to see Beach Potato is still in the top 20 of iBooks… Yay and yay again!!

So my 2 main projects at the moment are implementing my plans for the garden and kitting out our van. I’ve been hunting out all my seeds and planning what veg to plant and where. My greenhouse is fit to burst with all the seedlings and I’m already having a glut of rhubarb. We haven’t got the biggest plot in the world, just 5 metres by 10 metres, but it’s enough to keep us supplied with veg through the summer months, as well as some tasty treats in the winter. This year I’ve also decided to increase our fruit output with an enviable list of blueberries, blackcurrants, strawberries, pears, cherries, 3 varieties of apples, plums, raspberries and loganberries to boast about.

I’m also trawling the internet for interesting retro and vintage bits and pieces to use in our van, and depending on how well it gets through it’s MOT (eeek!) I’ll be adding a bit of colour and variety to its interior. So similar to the greenhouse being fit to burst with seedlings, my head is fit to burst with ideas I’m hoping to trial in our van. I’m thinking bunting, crochet blankets, retro cushions and eclectic tableware to name but a few. At the very least it’s doing to create a bit of babble at the beach when others see the final results. I may even do before and after pictures for anyone who’s interested.

So all of this got me thinking… am I the only one who’s got a new lease of life now that Spring is finally here? Are others doing the same as me, and if so what projects are they taking on. So please do tell… I’d really like to hear more.


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  1. Jolie says:

    woh I like your content , saved to my bookmarks ! .

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