Readers Reviews

Here are some genuine Beach Potato reader reviews, and I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to every single last one of you!

“I bought this book not thinking it would be good I was sooooooooo wrong. This book is awesome and inspiring. I wish I could make friends and surf like the characters in this book. The way the author uses detail is amazing. Every 1 shud read this book.” Reader on Barnes&Noble

“Great kids book full of fun and a bit of mystery, Joe was the mystery and left you thinking, easy reading. You could picture the village and the surf in your mind and wanted to be there, kids loved it.” Reader on iBooks

“I’m 10 years old and I enjoyed this book immensely. I cried when I figured out Joe left!! Ooops sorry I just spilled the story. But this was the best book I’ve ever read!! 5/5.” Reader on iBooks

“This story is Amazing. Easy to read and paced wonderfully. It was like I was actually there, following every step taken. Hope book two is out very soon. Recommend this book to anyone. Xxx” Reader on iBooks

“This book was great!! I couldn’t put it down for a whole day!! I’m hoping there will be a 2nd book as it is amazing!! I suggest that everyone should get this book its great!!!” Reader on iBook

“1 of the best books I’ve ever read! It captures the minds of both young and old through its mind-boggling descriptions and un-put-down-able, capturing story line! Must read, when is number 2?” Reader on iBooks

“I haven’t picked a book up in years but this one was amazing I really got into it n could read so much more. When will Beach Potato 2 be released? Thank you Sarah Riley.” Reader on iBooks

“This was the best book I’ve ever read.” Reader on iBooks

“Recommend this book to anyone.” Reader iBooks

“I love it bring out a number two please please, please.” Reader on iBooks

“Heartwarming and enjoyable. Could almost imagine being there.” Reader on iBooks

“This book is great! I cant put it down because its such a page-turner and exciting. It makes me want to go to the nearest beach (which would be the Gulf of Mexico or Cali) and learn to surf!!!!” Reader on Barnes&Noble

“Enjoyed the story. Great descriptions of the area….made me want to be there.” Reader on Barnes&Noble

“I will definitely tell my grandchildren about this book and will look for more stories about Jess.” Reader on Barnes&Noble

“A delightful story, fast paced with heartwarming tenderness.” Reader on Barnes&Noble

“I’m not a kid, but I loved this book. I loved the characters, the story, and mostly, I loved the author’s way of creating a wonderful place where I want to be and to raise my family. It’s a great story and she plans to write more books for these characters. I look forward to them.” Reader on Barnes&Noble

“I really enjoyed this book. A fun story that I will reread in the future.” Reader on Barnes&Noble

“This book is great! I can’t put it down because its such a page-turner and exciting. It makes me want to go to the nearest beach…” Reader on Barnes&Noble

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