We live in the UK on the coast over-looking the Atlantic.  Life on our beach is all about friends and family.  It also includes (if we’re lucky) surf, food, drink, vans, sandy feet and sunshine… and a little bit of something to talk and write about, even if it is incoherent and foolish babbling.  My blog is a little collection of that babble, which you can either read and take away or simply ignore.  That’s the best bit about Beach Babble… it’s up to you what you do with it!

This blog isn’t really about us, it’s about beach life and the people who like to visit it. It’s also about family life at the beach and particularly what local people are babbling about, issues and ideas, hopes and dreams and sometimes just nonsense. You will be reading about us from time to time and my writing ventures as an author of children’s books. Hopefully you won’t mind and will happily join us on our journey to where the land meets the sea and where we all like to visit every now and again.

I’ll also be adding bits and pieces on things I’m learning, hearing about and trying to put into practice to help us live a more fulfilling and sustainable life as parents. We’re also trying to move towards a more organic, homemade and supermarket/packaging free lifestyle. It’s not easy, and we don’t always succeed, but we’re doing our best.

So… Who’s under our beach pebble?

My name’s Sarah and I’m a mum and published writer. Check out my summer, surf novel for kids. If the beach is your thing then reading this book will get you desperate to visit it more often and to learn to surf while you’re there. If you want to know more about me please read ‘Stuff!’

My partner in crime, best friend and husband is Roy… an incredibly talented photographer and film maker. I have to credit him for most of the pictures on this site… well, all the great ones anyway!

Our gorgeous girls, who keep us on our toes and never cease to amaze us, (and also who constantly motivate us to try to improve our lives) are Miss.D and Miss.P.

If you have any comments at all about my blog then I’d really like to hear from you. If not, then I simply hope you enjoy the read.

Thanks for connecting. Sarah


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