Hi! My name is Sarah Riley and I do stuff…

Positions I currently hold:

Freelance Writer, Blogger & Author – I’m the Creator & Writer for Inspired Camping

Head Gardener – Chief Cook – Expert Cleaner – & General Bionic Mum

Things I am particularly good at:

Writing (both formally and informally) – Making things happen – Making Lists – Growing stuff – Making stuff – Cooking with leftovers – Picking Up Stuff – Changing Mucky Stuff – & Mopping Up Stuff

What My Main Interests Are:

Writing Short Stories & Novels – Guest Blogging – Magazine Articles – Cool Camping – Surfing on the Blue Stuff – & Taking Pictures of Stuff.

If you fancy dropping by:

Here’s my free online Cool Camping Magazine – Inspired Camping

… and here’s my latest guest blogs:

At Birds On The Blog, an amazing site which is featured in the Forbes Top 100 websites for women 2011; and

At Mums The Boss, an amazing resource for business minded mumpreneurs.

If you would like to commission me or let me loose on your blog please, please, PLEASE just ask. I LOVE to write … I just need more of an excuse!

Look forward to hearing from you


4 Responses to Stuff!

  1. trudykelly says:

    Hi Sarah
    I am great believer in things happening for a reason and at the right time, I’m at a crossroads in my life, have decided that perhaps a corporate life isn’t for me so am taking some time out. One of the things I love doing is writing, in fact I spent this morning writing up some notes and I’m quite pleased with the results. Then your blog popped into my Facebook newsfeed from Birds on the Blog and once I’d had a little look around your blog and your story it couldn’t have been better timed! I love your list of what you are good at, as I have given up my job I have been focusing in the last few days, (thanks to a little panic about money) on what my ‘work’ skills are, rather than what ‘I’ am good at! So thank you for correcting that for me! And any advice on the writing stuff I should know about would be most gratefully received! And I am now paying muich more attention to my dreams again!

    • sarah says:

      Hi Trudy! So glad you visited… and at the right time for you. It’s a scary place at the crossroads but it definitely gets better with time, energy and effort. I have millions of tips on the subject of writing.. what specifically do you want to know? There are also loads of experts out there willing to help others for free. What are you planning to write… books, blogs, copy? Looking forward to hearing more. *sunny smiles*

  2. trudykelly says:

    Thanks for the encouragment Sarah, it does feel scary at the moment, however writing about it seems to help a lot! I guess my significant request for advice is how you make money from writing? In respect to the experts how’s the best to follow? I’d love to learn from your experience! Could I contact you directly?

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